Mr Wilfred Mignott Celebrated his 50th Birthday at the very well known 2nd City Banqueting Suite, Birmingham.

The theme of the night was “I remember when....” With a 1970’s dress code. It was great to see so many of the invited guests dressed in their 70’s attire.

One of the things that made this Birthday Celebration a little different from those I have supported with a camera over the years was the high standard of the organisation and the quality of the music…

It was not a night with just anyone who could sing and play a musical instrument, but a night of professional entertainers. Many of whom I believe grew up together in various church settings.

Not one, but three live bands provided outstanding entertainment, reflecting music dating back to the 1960’s right up to the present day. Each band demonstrated a high level of professionalism, professionalism that any mainstream establishment would have been proud to have.

But, for me one of the musical highlights of the night was listening to the voice of a young Alesha Pinnock who is only 8 years old. She sang with such a maturity for her tender age. This reinforced, how important it is to train up our young people from a young age, so that they will never depart from their skills or spiritual knowledge…

Another highlight of the night was the memories of retired teacher Mr Gwyn Davies. He was one of Wilfred’s former teachers at St James Infant & Junior School. Yes primary school, his memories of Wilfred along with so many who attended the birthday celebration was very sharp. So sharp that he still had a photograph of the football team that Wilfred was in for his year as goal keeper...

Mr Davies was very emotional, because like many teachers, they rarely get see the accomplishments of the children they taught.

The evening was played out with Birmingham’s own, DJ King Zukie, who held the dance floor with the movement of Wilfred’s beautiful wife, Monica.

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