I am sure much has been written over the years about the state of the Black Churches in the United Kingdom and beyond.

However regardless how we feel about Black Churches and the role it has played in a modern Britain, including its failures of the Black Community, some may argue.

The facts still remains that many Black Churches serves a community of people who felt they were not accepted in mainstream Churches when they arrived in the 60s. Many came to this country already believers and wanted to continue to do something that was natural to them, since they were encouraged to do so from birth by going to Sunday School.

Throughout the Uk, Communities were established, and at the heart of those communities were the Black Churches, including some Black Church Leaders who had a vision for their community of church goers, and the role there particular church would play.

The Black Church Leaders Legacy Project is not so much about the different denomination for which there are many and with the continuation of splits or divisions within so many Black Churches today, the list of different Black denomination will just get longer.

Over the years, many Black Church Leaders have contributed in laying down the foundation of their community or the church they belonged too. Some were able to go back home to their country of birth, or they moved on to the USA or Canada, Sadly many have passed away and much of their hard work and devotion has been forgotten.

Therefore, this project is about reaching out to Black Church Leaders regardless of their denomination, and to capture their story of their spiritual journey, as they see it, in my humble opinion so much as been lost already.

Since this project is potentially very big we have decided, to start with some basic information, with a gallery of Ministers, there Location and their Favourite Scripture, which I have come to realise, we all have our own favourite scripture, which will change from time to time.

It is hope that this body of work will had to the Legacy Story of many Black Churches to day.

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