" People Buy People, so how can they buy from you, if you do not have a Professional Headshot "

Many people say "people buy what they can see", therefore they need to have the confidence to invest their time, energy and money with a face that they can see or invest into.

With the growing popularity of social media in business, I am amazed how many business profiles, are without a Professional Headshot or a face for a business, how can a faceless business on any social media platform, provide the same level of confidence if it is true that people buy who they see?

If People buy who they see how can they buy into you, if you do not have a Professional Headshot that gives a corporate and professional feel to it, that encourages a call to action, or giving the confidence to contact you, the face behind the business or a representative of a business.

The same can be said regarding a company using a Company Logo in place of a Professional Headshot, unless a Business Logo is well known and respected like Coca-Cola, McDonalds or even Microsoft, then a Professional Headshot, will in most cases be a better option, since not all Business Logo’s convey a message that is inviting to a target audience, that they can relate to.

At Headshot by Walter James, our primary objective is to capture refreshing artistic images that bring out the character of the client so that other people can buy into.

We believe that a Headshot photograph should represent an accurate image of you. It’s your chance to make a visual first impression; it is like a visual resume that allows the viewer to see who they are dealing with. If you are a performer the headshot was taken is like your calling card, it represents you and any projects you are involved in.

Regarding dress code for our client’s headshots, we find that many Professional Headshot Photographers suggestions can be very detailed in their suggestions or opinion regarding a client's dress code for headshots.

We, however, feel that the dress code should all be about our client's feelings, which make them feel happy and comfortable in what they chose to wear. It is about trying to capture your attributes, sense of professionalism and experience within the image taken; however, if a client's needs help then we can discuss various dress code options. Should a client need help with makeup, then we can discuss options as well?

Headshots Dos:

Headshots should not be about casual image taken on a mobile phone with a background that is detracting or confusing to the viewer

Headshots should be a well-lit image with the subject dressed appropriately, in a studio or an environmental setting of an organisation or somewhere out on location, with a cinematic look if need be or the background completely out of focus.

Headshots have so many uses today from social media to all kind of corporate reasons in any organisation big or small, to those who have used them for dating sites; it’s a reasonable option nevertheless.

We at Headshot by Walter James look forward to having a conversation on how we can capture key members of your organisation, or individual, at a location to suit you or your company.

If you are thinking of having a business networking or a business conference, you may want to invite us to document your event, as well as to document your conference. Speakers and members of the audience are obviously key items to cover in conference photography.

We are also available for Corporate Executive Portraits for those organisations that may need photographs to be updated of key members of staff or CEO ready for any publication release.

For more information please contact us so that we can have a chat regarding our availability, regardless where you may be in the country we can be there for you - 07851970508


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