Offering a photography service to the those visiting the Uk & Europe as tourist

July 31, 2017

The gravy train I mention in the blog “Is being a Destination Wedding or International Wedding Photographer for you as a Photographer?” is one that, I do not think many British wedding and portrait photographers are taking advantage of fully, in the offering a photography service, to visitors to the UK.


In the days of film, there was a very well respected International Portrait Studio on Bond Street, London called The Paul Kaye Portrait Studio, offering a bespoke framed portrait service to many overseas visitors.


Many foreign diplomats and famous people would come to the UK, just to have a Portrait session with Mr Paul Kaye and his team.


Everything has a season in life, or just need to be re marketed again so that it becomes fashionable again because this is what Paul Kaye and his marketing partner Mr Michael Freeman did, which many of us witness was very financially rewarding at the time for them both.


Sometimes it just happens by chance like it did to Mr Calvin Chinthaka a Destination Wedding Photographer and Fashion Cinematic Filmmaker.



Calvin was contacted by a couple from overseas who wanted a Pre-Wedding shoot in London, with some of the iconic backdrops that London has to offer.


A shoot that would add to his bank balance, and to the couple from overseas, a UK flavour to their wedding story since they had already booked another wedding photographer from their country to document their big day.


For this couple, booking a wedding photographer to do a pre-wedding shoot in London who they have respect for, must have been a cheaper alternative compared to bringing their official photographer to shoot a pre-wedding shoot in London.


So could this be the Creative Gravy Train that you may want to consider because it is a market that is already being taken advantage of by photographers abroad who are advertising Pre-Wedding Shoots and Location Photo Shoots around the world, including Europe and the UK?


So if overseas photographers can come to the UK to shoot pre-wedding shoots around some of the desirable location that the UK has to offer, why not photographers from the UK taking advantage of this opportunity themselves.


The tourism figures in the UK is growing every year, bringing millions into the pockets of many British businesses.


Please read the link below to see what the potential is for you as a professional photographer to get a piece of the tourism pie from the 2017 inbound tourism forecast for the UK.



The BBC and some of the British media has already acknowledged the passion for overseas visitors to travel to the Uk, with a view to having a Pre –Wedding Shoots, especially those from China.








Depending on which part of the world we come from if you have friends, family or visitors from certain countries that you know well, could a Portrait Studio Photo shoot, Location Photo Shoot, or a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot of certain landmarks be a potential opportunity for you to offer this service to them?


Or does it depend on the nature of the spending habits and which countries they come from to make any potential Photo Shoot Opportunity work for you, well the only way you are going to find out is to do your research?


Because you have photographers from overseas who have got a well tried and tested format that works for them. Such as having a partnership with wedding hire garments companies, hairdressers and makeup artist including videographers if they cannot do that themselves.


Couples from overseas come to the UK or Europe, with just their normal luggage, knowing that everything they need for their photo shoot will be provided for them.


However, when you have those wedding couples soon to get married, they will bring their own wedding clothes with them, that they will be wearing on their wedding day, whenever their wedding will be in the future.


As Photographers we need to give these visitors to the UK a reason to spend money with us, but that will never happen if they are not aware of who you are and what you can do for them, so we need to update our visual brand via our website with a reason for these visitors to spend money with us.


I remember when I did a destination wedding at the 5 Star, Titanic Hotel, Lara Beach,  Antalya  in Turkey, it was a wedding the hotel wanted to do the wedding photography themselves, since it was their first English wedding they have ever done, plus they already had staff wedding and location photography company attached to the hotel, who already provided a service to everyone visiting or  staying at the Titanic Hotel.


I became friendly with one of the photographers and the service they were providing, and I have to say it was very educational to see what was achievable because many staying at the hotel had already spent good money for their holiday, and they were again spending money for a family, couple or of individuals photo shoot around the hotel and the beach, for images or a photo books of their memory of their holiday.


It so happens there was an English family from my home town, who were also stopping at the 5 Star Titanic Hotel, Lara Beach, Antalya, in Turkey, I was aware of their postcode in Wolverhampton, and yet they still spent good money on a quality photo book of images of their memories of their holiday.


So in targeting our potential market clients, we should not feel restricted who can afford our services, because once we have sold the concept, people will buy into it or not, but they have to see it first before they can buy into it.


So in keeping in mind the visitors to the UK, on holiday we should all be looking at this potential market, with a view to a Studio Portrait Studio, Location Photo Shoots or a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at some of the landmarks in the UK, for this, can be in addition to our financial gravy train for our business.


We have the opportunities to sell properly priced images on a memory stick, photo book or a quality album, even a large framed image, to be mailed internationally to their home, which is not a problem, if we order from the right suppliers, since they may do the posting for us.


Our personal research will guide us on our target visitors to the UK or Europe if we want to explore this gravy train opportunity, for photographers and videographers.


Walter James, The Blogger does not claim copyright to images used or videos that were acquired via a google search to support the contents of this blog, on the basis of fair use in order to demonstrate what is achievable should you want to offer a photography service to overseas visitors to the UK & Europe. 

Phottix Pre Wedding Photoshoot London & Paris - Top London Wedding Photographers by Downie Wedding Photography

London Pre Wedding Photography by Brian Chong

Scotland Chinese Pre Wedding Photography - Edinburgh - Carton Hill

by Roamin Scot Photography










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