Is being a Destination Wedding or International Wedding Photographer for you as a Photographer?

July 30, 2017

Many hungry photographers are always looking for their next creative gravy train of opportunities in order to add to their on going work flow, sometimes such opportunities will take some financial planning or just time and availability of a photographer as well as a videographer.


It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time on social media, so I was very surprised when I saw an image of a location that I was familiar with, of a Silk Temple in Birmingham along with who was the photographer taking the images, this was of interest to me because it was different, and I wanted to know how it was done.


The photographer, as it turns out, was Mr Nik Pekridis a photographer who works out of his base in Greece as a Destination & International Wedding & Portrait Photographer including a Photography Educator.



The first thing I said to myself was,  he must be a good photographer, because of the decent wedding photographers there are already in the Birmingham area and the UK, who the wedding couple could have booked.


But as we all know a wedding couple will spend good money for various reason to make sure they have the right wedding photographer for their special day, and some will even change the day of their wedding to accommodate the availability of a wedding photographer they really want for their special day, even to wait for another year until their desired photographer is available to capture their wedding day images.


Many of us will have had some experience in a destination wedding, some more than others since you have photographers whose diary our generally filled with wedding assignments, all over the world.


If this is the type of work we want to do, then it is important that we advertise ourselves as Wedding Destination or International Photographers with samples of our work that we have done ourselves, unlike some who advertise this service with other peoples wedding images, which is "image theft", and wrong.


Therefore,  we need to present images that reflect our target market and venues,  that they may have their special day with their friends and family, as well as the type of wedding locations a wedding couple may want their destination wedding to be one day.


There are a number of informative portals that can help us on our journey to becoming a capable Destination Wedding and International  Wedding Photographer, such as –




For those who love to holiday around the world, some photographers have contacted other photographers in a certain country with view to doing a shared wedding photo shoot, or they have just contacted a models from social media or portals like Model Mayhem, with an affordable wedding dress they have brought with them, in order for them to do a wedding bridal destination shoot.


If you are a person that likes to take mini European brakes over the weekend, especially when you can get a good special offer deal, then again bridal images could be acquired in different European cities, which may be easier than travelling to some exotic part of the world.


Again doing your research to get the images you need to advertise yourself as a Destination Wedding Photographer, you may consider using social media to find a wedding dress shop or a second hand shop in a European city, this could be another way of mutual exchange of images for the opportunity to capture an image with a wedding dress that may be of interest to you.


Since many wedding photographers,  network more these days with each other in so many productive ways, someone in your network, may already have a wedding dress you may be able to use for a bridal wedding shoot, so all you will need is a model or a friend to wear the wedding dress for you.



Hopefully you will arrive at your destination wedding early enough at the venue or your hotel at least the day before the wedding in order to ask question if need be, to get climatized to the weather conditions, and if need be to do a reccy of the wedding locations, if you are not able to do a reccy because of time, then you may be able to use Google Earth to get some ideas of the location you will be working in, or to check out other photographers for some ideas via Google search on how they documented at a location we have been booked for.


Regardless if your learning curve happens naturally or you seek help, destination weddings can be lucrative and demanding, because of the travelling, equipment required and working in a different country, so it is important to ask questions and do your research, before the big day of a destination wedding.



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