Why is it that many Black & Asian Image Makers find it difficult in working together?

June 21, 2017

Why is it that historically many Black & Asian Image Makers find it difficult to trust each other when it comes to sharing and working and encouraging each other together to be the best they can be, as a united professional collective?

And yet many have no problem with cultivating relationships with those outside their own community of Image Makers in order to be the best they can be.

There is nothing wrong with feeding off the table of knowledge & experience that serves our personal creative and financial purpose from anyone willing to share knowledge with us.

What  I feel is wrong, is not trying to find and encourage like-minded Image Makers from your own community who you can trust, so that you can grow together and share creative successful stories together, because there is a market that likes to see their own community delivering on all types of jobs, especially the big event jobs that I use to do.

I know from experience that certain people like to spend money on their own community of Image Makers, but they do not trust their own to deliver sometimes, and that is sad.

Sometimes this may be due to what we as Image Makers of colour have put out into the marketplace, such as poor work, poor service, or lack of professionalism that creates issues for us and keep us from advancing and improving our Image Making skills. 

Regardless who you may be or our potential clients, if you have money, then you have a choice who you invite into your home with a camera regardless of the skin colour of the Image Makers.

At the same time normally if you are a Black or Asian Image Maker, then once you have all the Image Making skills and professionalism to deliver any type of jobs, then all doors should be open to us.

However, we will never be able to walk through those doors with certain people who see the colour of our skin first, instead of what we can do for them, as professional Image Makers, that is just life and their loss, in not getting to know a great Image Maker, like you or me.

There are a number of Image Makers who are doing well from the Black and Asian community, and that is something to be proud of, especially those who can operate without thinking about what part of the world they are working in.

I guess those who are on that upward journey need to be very focused and disciplined in not being sidetracked by the stupid noise of jealousy and backstabbing that goes on everywhere, in all community of Image Makers around the world.

However, sometimes some genuine people reach out for help, first to their own community, who are more than qualified to assist, but they chose not to assist for all types of reason.

I know some guys who have worked hard to build a brand, are very conscious who they bring inside their personal business jigsaw circle, everything has to fit, just right.

But then again many Image Makers accept that it is so easy to share a small part of how to be a successful photographer to another person interested in being a Professional Photographer, for them then to turn around and use your ideas in their own personal business along with the clients you have worked hard in cultivating.

One of the worst things I have seen and experienced is sharing my own knowledge that I have invested in over the years for someone to come along and take it without even a thank you, and I know much better and experienced Image Makes have had similar experiences.

Not everybody will be on the same page as me regarding this subject matter,  but considering the number of Image Makers who become photographers since the birth of digital photography, everyone seems to want the fast track to success without learning any foundation in becoming a professional Image Maker for FREE.  

But when you are trying to build a stronger working relationship of trust and sharing between Image Makers of colour and you see some of the objections or the lack of cooperation, then you have to say that you have wasted years of time and energy on a vision, like The Image Makers Network, when I could have been busy working on my own projects and brand.

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