How long will we wait before we do something about Black on Black Crimes?

May 08, 2017

To many people of colour will talk about Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, and forget about the bigger issues happening within their own community.

The amount of premature death of young people and fraudulent or criminal activities of older people of colour against their family or friends sometimes goes un-document or spoken off unless it reaches the news media, while many in our community continue to be silent.

I think anyone of colour who is truly conscious of what is happening should try to support those who are trying to make a difference.

At least they are trying, they may not have the solution or the resources to solve a deep-rooted cancerous disease within the Black Community of Black on Black issues, which sometimes does not get the full support from the establishment or central government.

But then again if you spill a cup of milk,  should you not be the one to clean it up yourself. Many of the issues we see today are of our own making because many families or individuals have stopped policing themselves and children to do what is right, as I have said already elsewhere many of the positive values of the Windrush generation have been forgotten.

The Black churches have limited impact on being a solution to many of today's life's problems, which is surprising because when I was a young person I was of the opinion that all black people had a natural fear  of God and were motivated to do what is right in the eyes of God in the way they live their lives.

The media sometimes will highlight when a young Black person is assaulted or killed by another Black Person, but we do not always hear when a grown adult, commit serious crime or fraud against another Black person.

The odd case may be brought to into the public domain but many never see the light of day, either because the of the lack of interest by the police or families or black organisations may decide to keep any wrongdoing within the family or organisation, since many have an issue about washing their dirty laundry in in public.  

Every now and then I see people trying on social media to reach out to young people, the next generation, and for that they should be saluted, since many of them are doing it without being paid, but due to the passion they have for what they believe in, in helping the next generation to be achievers, they do what they do.

But a grown adult is a different situation, the reason I am sharing my thoughts about Black on Black Crime is due to a White Collar Financial Crime that was brought to my attention concerning over £40,000.

If the police find that they cannot pursue this crime for whatever reason, then this one financial fraudulent crime could have a serious impact on a particular family I am so close to.

A crime is a crime regardless of the colour of the people involved, that may be true, however, I really feel that a number of issues that have gone on, over the years have gone on without being challenged by community family elders, and the wall of silence continue to get thicker every year.

But then again you cannot deny that the rules of the streets about “Snitching” is not real if revenge comes knocking at your front door, or the door of a family member.

And that is why their needs to be a generation of re-educating ourselves and families about the importance of community responsibility and accountability just like in bible times for which many may have some memories of things they have read.

For that reason, many will appreciate the word in  Romans 14:12 King James Bible “So then every one of us shall give an account of himself to God”.

So the final question is how long will we as a community wait before we do something about Black on Black Crimes including the wall of silence that is so strong because people are so afraid to speak out.

And who is to say the next knock on the door from a policeman will not be about our own family members, so just saying its a complex issue and nothing really gets done is not good enough and many of these issues continue to the next generation after generation coming up, when will it stop?.

Please note some supporting links regarding Central Government support of stopping the gang culture activities in the uk, that I hope is up to date., along with some additional information to support my blog regarding fatherless boys and gang culture.

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