Some people feel sorry for the way Mr Bill Cosby is being treated in the media

April 22, 2017

If it is true about "White Privilege", then it is hard not to feel sorry for Mr Bill Cosby, since many have made his legal battles in court very personal compared to many White Men of power and wealth, by using the power of the media.

The abuse or the rape of any women is bad in any language, and history has demonstrated how many wealthy men have got away with their criminal activity of RAPE against women.

To the point that many of them have been supported by their wealthy circle of male friends along with the establishment run by men, who in many cases look White.

Bill Cosby is as guilty as any abusers in any Court of Law based on the information already in the public domain.  

However, you may argue that such debauch and promiscuous behaviour by people of wealth and power behind closed doors, was the acceptable and the done things in those days, alongside the taking of all types of recreational substances or drugs, that in many cases were illegal, if not then, they are today for sure.

Sadly it does not mean that many of the young women back then are not troubled by their behaviour and treatment today as grown mature women with girl children themselves in some cases of that generation, and even more so if it was the acceptable way to get your foot into a door of opportunity when it comes to a job of choice. 

It is said, even though he may have paid certain claimants for their silence, this may have been for professional and legal reasons, and to reduce any negative impact on his career, as well as to make sure he protected his name not being tarnished by all the media attention and allegations.

However, his treatment for a wealthy black man has been so different from many of his wealthy white former friends., why?

Many are saying that White Privilege is alive and well in many developed countries like America.

In many countries like Britain we are seeing many historical cases of abuse being brought to the attention of many Law Courts, many people of fame and wealth in some cases, it would be interesting to know how many are finally found guilty.

One of the sad things I see with Mr Bill Cosby is the lack of deep support from the black community like in the famous case of OJ Simpson murder trial and Michael Jackson in his child abuse cases, that captivated the attention of many people of colour as well as legal minds around the world.

This could be more about when Mr Bill Cosby was making his money, he was sometimes unkind with his words, with words or comments he felt needed to be made, to encourage many black people to pull themselves up along with observing family values that we should all be observing, and yet he was busy cheating on his own family and wife.

At the time his words may have had some meaning of positive value, but we see, that when you break the law many of the wise words and counsel by Mr Bill Cosby becomes smeared and unreadable from his current legal issues of alleged abuse of so many women.

However, with the uneven playing field for a rapist who has wealth and power, at this moment of time, it is hard not to feel sorry for Mr Bill Cosby.

Because many of his enemies in the business world of entertainment, it is said, have done everything possible to make him pay for his criminal activities, while they have ignored many white men of wealth and power.

Therefore it is hard not to accept or believe in the currently educated opinion of many people of colour,  that say White Privilege is real, and many are protected from prison or public embarrassment because of White  Privilege, of those of wealth and power in many communities around the world.

Like many men from all races around the world, brought into this world by a woman a mother, many of us will have girl children, aunties, nieces, sister in laws etc., why would any man want to see any women abused by another man.

In closing I would also add, that no women especially young women should have to feel embarrassed about not being able to afford female hygienic toiletries, they should be free.

Furthermore,  Rape means just that "Rape"  in any language and if a woman says  No it means "No".

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