Investing in your Image Making future

April 16, 2017

Since about 2011, I have had the opportunity to Network with both Photographers and Videographers from the Afro-Caribbean Community who took on the name “The Image Makers Network”, who came together to capture images for the Birmingham City Council London Olympics 2012 Legacy Project.

I have seen how many have invested in their creative skills both men and women,  by attending workshops and taking on mentors, in order that they can be the best they can be.  Some have even travelled to other countries just to make sure ambition of being the best they can, can be realised.

Some have invested in better photography and videography equipment for their business, as well as more quality networks of Image Makers so that they can tap into, and in some cases, the networks were very international in its makeup.

The motivation of these Image Makers at the end of the day has encouraged them to grow in a way to seek out clients that appreciate their creative worth and were willing to pay the higher fee for their service, and for that, it meant going outside their comfort zone that they use to work with, when they first start in the world of photography.

However, at the same time, I see videographers who are not motivated to invest in the quality of their equipment or their skill levels have not grown, in harmony of the marketplace as well as what other videographers are doing for their clients.

Some may be happy where they are because they are only motivated by their pool of clients, and if their clients are not interested in paying for a more quality service, they end up staying in the same location, they were a few years ago.

I also see videographers taking part more and more in Live Streaming or Live Broadcasting for those who cannot attend a live streaming Event, like a funeral and the quality to me looks very poor.

And I say to myself self “what a shame, with all that work that was done to capture the visuals and sounds at an event, and the feed to a computer or tv is not the same as watching a BBC production or TD Jake production, which is being live streamed”, which is the standard that I look at for quality guidance.

Some may say, they are feeding into the host broadband and event organisers equipment including control mixers, and that they are responsible for the final output that people see at home or on their tv monitors or screens in the event venues.

This may be true, that some venues are using outdated technology, slow broadband service,  which is complicated by the fact that they do not have the financial means or desire to upgrade what they have.

I do find that some of these event organisers responsible for the media of visual and audio equipment,  do not always have a clue, but that should not stop videographers looking at options providing a client is able to pay an additional fee for the hiring of the equipment to make a live feed look professional.

I feel great to see Image Makers that I met in 2011 for the first time, making advancement in certain creative areas of their business and personal self-development, for which they have control over.

Because many will remember that every job we do adds to our profile building, our portfolio of work as well to our personal creative business Legacy.

That is why many will be mindful who they work with, as well as hiring the right kit for the right job and then passing the prices on to their clients, this is what Mainstream Image Makers do every day, and if they are unwilling to pay, they normally just walk away from them.

A quality service for photography, videography,  live streaming, as well as audiovisuals, do not come cheap and Image Makers who have invested in their creative journey cannot afford yo give their time and skill away for nothing.

For that reason many Image Makers will try to re-educate their clients on what the definition of Quality looks like and Sounds like, this I feel needs to be done more by the way we present our images on via any social platform or website.

On another matter, many churches provide a live streaming service and providing it works, nobody seems to question how the service they offer to those who cannot attend church or a place of worship, could be improved upon.

There is much wisdom if we try more to communicate with each, learn from each other since the bigger picture will show that we all benefit from working together and sharing Good Practices...

Just a thought.


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