If you are not prepared to mentor the next generation how will they ever succeed

April 26, 2017

When we think of the next generation, not everybody will have the wealth and education and connections in life like President Barack and Michelle Obama, to make sure their kids will have a good start in life, but it does not mean we cannot try.

We should all be asking the question regarding the next generation of young people, how well are we preparing them for the challenges ahead of them, society is forever changing, with many do’s and don’t, that have protected generations after generations are being watered down.

Many respectable cultures that have had long-standing rules and regulations and standards find that they are meaningless in a young generation who want everything without working for it or to be free to live their lives without any restrictions or rules.

I thinks it's fair to say some parents have brought kids into the world, when they themselves were not ready or qualified to be parents, and even worse those with a criminal mindset, or the ability to ignore the wrongdoing of  their kids, has contributed to many dysfunctional families, to the point that some parents may have even profited from some of the wrong doing of their kids criminal behavior at the worst .

Conversation and stories long passed down have stopped flowing, whereby many of us have forgotten where we have come from so that we can share that knowledge with our kids.

Wisdom comes with time, experience, making and learning from our mistakes and knowing when to speak and when to be silent, and when you do speak you speak with understanding and authority.

Some families have planned well for their kids future in so many positive ways because they can, and some families appear to be allowing their kids find their own way in life, drifting like a piece of wood in fast flowing stream unsure of its final destination and outcome.

Responsible parenting as a family or a community means as older heads we should be helping to guide the inexperienced one’s who want to listen, how to walk in a way that will hopefully guarantee success in life.

Since nothing is certain even if you had all the advantages in life, and you followed a perfect road map since there are invisible forces ready and waiting to trip up those who are trying to do right in life.

Each one of us will have to give an  answer one day to the Big Master Above, so why not allow our story to be, that we contributed in leaving a marker, of our efforts in passing on the baton of our life experiences, as part of our legacy to a younger generation, so that they do not make some of the mistakes we may have done.

Many of us are more than qualified to give back, but for whatever reason chose not to do so, and in some cases for very good reasons.  This could be more of the demands these people have with their own families and jobs, which is understandable if they are used to working in the private sector.

Some may also find it hard to work with certain social projects without any meaningful structures as they see it, or just the personalities that they may have to work with, even for free in many cases.

In trying to give back, will they listen, probably not because has individual human beings we were the same one time at their young age, thinking we knew it all until the day came we hit a brick wall?

Those who were lucky enough had loving families or friends or someone who cared to help pick up the pieces and guide us hopefully the right way.

Sadly, those who did not have that safety net fell to an early grave or a life of nothing, without making any valuable contribution to society?

How sad is that, is that what you want for the next generation who may be part of your family bloodline?.

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Walter JamesWalter JamesWalter James Photography



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