Do you need to buy every new Photography Equipment that comes on the market

April 06, 2017

Sometimes it makes sense to be really hard with ourselves and ask ourselves certain questions regarding all the new Photography Equipment presented to us each year, do we really need the latest hyped up camera or lighting equipment in our kit bag.

I remember doing a job in Birmingham whereby some of the world press was in attendance, both young and old photographs alike working side by side in the Press area of the open air event.

One thing I noticed with some of the old timers, was that they were using digital equipment that in some cases were much older than some of the young Photographers.

They did not mind about scratches or black tape or whether it was a mark 2 or mark 3 Canon etc, they just got on with capturing images for their news agency, they were representing.

So it got me thinking regarding the question below, that I feel may be advisable to ask ourselves before we put our hands in our wallets or purse.

Because every year, as long as I can remember there have always been various debates, sometimes heated between various Photographers, and know we see such conversations on various social media forums about Cameras, Lenses, Lighting-Kit.

Regardless of the Camera or Lenses or Lighting-Kit, they will all have their own advantages or disadvantages, depending on the style of a Photographer.

Some Photographer will always be able to put their hands in their financial pockets and be able to justify the reason for the purchase, and at the end of the day, it is their choice what they do with their money.

But for many, it will always be a good idea, to be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves some of the questions below.

For example:

  1. Will that piece of kit help me to take better photographs?
  2. Will that piece of kit make me look good with my clients or photography network?
  3. Will that piece of kit add extra value to the work I do, by helping me to make more money?
  4. Will that piece of kit mean I have to rob Paul to pay Peter or Jane, to pay for the new kit
  5. How long will it take for that piece of kit to pay for itself?
  6. How often will I be using the new kit?

So a question we should be asking ourselves, will that piece of kit cause any arguments in my home with my partner, when it comes to paying the family bills?

Everybody will have their own reason for buying photography equipment's, and I can imagine more amateur or semi-professional photographers will be entertaining the idea of buying on impulse or because they want to keep up with other photographers in their network.

Many Image Makers regardless of their level or years as Image Makers will have other Image Makers who they follow religiously sometimes, that encourages them to buy or invest in certain types of equipment.

However, a word of caution about being caught up in following every word that comes out of every Image Makers mouth that says buy this or that.

Because it is well known that many of the best and busy Image Makers around the world do not have time to self-promoting themselves on every social media platforms, because they are too busy making money or finding new clients. 

They know if they do not work, they do not eat and the lifestyle they want for themselves and their family is not going to happen if they are spending the majority of their time on social media, making videos and self promoting themselves or brand.

Many of those busy Image Makers you rarely ever see on social media realise that only real clients build long lasting money making brands.

So they will have a balance on the time they spend in self-promoting, since many of their fee paying clients and Image Makers who need to be educated can be attracted from social media, but everything is about having a balance and not hyping up Image Making Equipments.

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