Affordable Godox Products for the Photography Industry

March 29, 2017

Godox is probably one of the biggest third party suppliers of lighting equipment for the Professional and Amateur Photography industry in the world, with the support of a number of companies who have their own name and corporate branding, on many of Godox products and sold either internationally or just within certain countries boundaries.

A recent addition to the lighting range of AD200 and AD600, which have become game changers for many Professional Photographers, will no doubt encourage Godox sales to have an ongoing impact on many leading brands of established mainstream Lighting Photography Suppliers to the Photography Industry.

When you consider some of the photography discussions in various forums, it is not always understandable why some professional Photographers continue to sacrifice cheapness for quality, regardless of this,  the quality appears to be much better these days compared to a few years ago.

Since I know what it is like to have photography kit, needing to be repaired or serviced and the impact it can have on my business.

Photographers who buy from companies like Godox and Yongnuo have reasoned over the years, that the prices are so cheap or affordable for the light units, that if they break or stop working they would just buy another one.

That may be the case if you are buying under a $100 or £100, however for me personally, that reasoning stops working when you start spending a lot more money, I would be looking for any warranty to be honoured and to be treated like any purchase I may buy anywhere else.

Purchases from many Chinese suppliers on eBay or Amazon who are resellers of the Godox or Yongnuo brands tend to only have a limited warranty, which for me is not fair if you are running a business regardless if you have brought it from China.

However extra warranty can sometimes be purchased at the time of purchasing from eBay or Amazon, but to increase the chances of a better customer service from any Chinese supplier you may experience a better response if things go wrong, if Amazon was responsible for your purchase.

Since as I understand it, they will look at your issues personally instead of the original Chinese suppliers.

Godox for some reason have limited personal relationship with anyone buying their products, instead, in most cases, they leave any communication with third-party resellers when it comes to problems experienced.     

Also when it comes to spare parts and the repairing of Godox products, again that does not happen, in fact, only certain authorised resellers of Godox products are allowed access to spare parts including the know-how on how to repair anything produced by Godox.

For that reason, I would always encourage anyone wanting to invest in Godox Lighting Equipment to consider buying from those Godox branded resellers who give a personal guarantee beyond what is the custom from any Chinese supplier like Godox, or online resellers.

Since such authorised rebranded Godox resellers will have an arrangement with Godox for access to spare parts and know-how on how to repair Godox lighting equipment.

Otherwise, you will find yourself disappointed if you have to put it down to another life experience by putting your equipment into the bin, all because the company you brought your Godox product from only gives a limited warranty or no option of repair if your kit is out of any warranty period.

To the best of my knowledge Companies like Cheetahstand, Lencarta, PiPixapro, Adorama, B&H, YongnuoUSA, Flashgear has on their own websites the additional peace of mind if you are a working Photographer.

Other companies may have some arrangements with third parties for out of warranty repairs, that question should be confirmed before you buy anything along with the term and condition of any extended warranty and what they cover, otherwise, you may have to repurchase a replacement all over again.

If you are a working photographer depending on the nature and the value of your Godox kit, then having peace of mind that your equipment can be repaired providing it is cost-effective, within a reasonable period of time is much better than having to buy again equipment for your business.

Many working Photographers are happy to buy based on price from online providers, but once again sometimes buying from a known professional photography dealer is much better especially if you are able to get some additional advice on your purchase along with any potential problems if you are using different brands of lighting kit and triggers together.

Buying from a rebranded Godox reseller or a professional Photography reseller, that has high standards when it comes to maintaining the loyalty of its customers, makes even more business sense when buying a new Godox or Yongnuo products which is part of the first run of a batch production.

Sometimes, many first run batch productions will have some issues, which means if you have brought such an item you will have the added confidence that it will be replaced or sorted out,  which in some cases may be a firmware update.

In my way of thinking this another reason why all photographers should not be so keen or eager, as wanting to be the first on their block or photography network to be the proud owner of a newly released particular lighting kit, waiting will not harm your business, especially if the prices start to come down on the 2nd or 3rd batch production run, just a thought.

Not all rebranded reseller offer the same service, but then again you will not know unless you ask the question.

Godox lighting equipment has come a long way in terms of quality and reliability, instead of copying other mainstream photography suppliers technology, they appear to be innovative with their latest location lights and triggers in the marketplace.

So it's understandable when you see more working professional photographers considering Godox lighting equipment as an everyday working partner for their photography business. 

Typical Godox rebranded resellers are Pixapro, Lencarta, Photomart in the UK plus companies like B&H, Adorama, Cheetahstand, Molight Store, Kayell Australia,, plus much more which can be googled depending the country you are from. 



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