Investing into the Brand of the Kodak Dye Sublimation Printers

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The way I see things through my eyes of understanding is that the Loyalty to a Brand can be temporary, depending on


  • How you are treated by that Brand
  • How the Brand is perceived by those in the market-place
  • Lack of support by a Brand
  • The Brand change of direction
  • A Brand  stopping the production and development of a goods or services
  • Market Forces that influences much  newer and superior Brand


The biggest problem for some consumers who believe in a Brand or they have invested into a Brand, in the domestic or business world, is when to bail out from that Brand which no longer is suitable or supported by the owners of the Brand, that affects them. 


The down side for many of the bigger Brands is that they do not always take into account the feelings of the one lone person unhappiness, unless their voice becomes a detraction.


I can remember the well-oiled Kodak Sales force team, that I saw more than once, some of them became friends in time.


About 2002 I was looking on getting into the Event Photography Business, since Photography is something I have been doing for many years before.


I attended a Black Tie Charity Event in Northamptonshire, as we entered into the area of the event our images was captured, and by the end of the night our images appeared on a table in a folder, with the option to buy them, which we did since a contribution of the taking went to the charity on the night.


The images were taken on film format cameras, and a film printing lab locally was encouraged to stay open so that those attending the Charity Event could have an image to purchase.


I was impressed how it was all done, however cannot say I was impressed with the image, but that is another issue.


By this time a number of Event Photographers were doing Event Photography with the very crude inkjet printer.


So when I was exposed to the Kodak Dye-sublimation Printers of the 6800 and the 1400, I became hooked.


The printers was sold to me, that I was buying into a world household name like Coca Cola, with one of the sale people putting a Kodak image into a large glass of water, and after a while he would take it out and demonstrate, how the water had not impacted on the Photograph, and that the colours had not run into each other, as well as the image would last for so many years.


At the time the only other competitors were Citizen, who were weak in the market-place or Mitsubishi, who were the only direct competitors in those days.


Today you still have Mitsubishi along with companies like CITIZEN, DNP, FUJI, HITI, SINFONIA, SONY and probably others, who have brought to the market-place printers which are lot lighters and probably Technically and Eco Friendly…

We invested into the Kodak Brand with 5 printers, 1 @ 6800, 1 @ 6850 1 @ 605 and 2 @ 1400, along with pull up banners with Kodak logo’s on it with Kodak bags and Kodak folders.


Unlike many much wiser Event Photographers who were unwilling to put up with poor service from Kodak at the time mainly, many opted to abandon the Kodak Brand that was becoming tarnished at the time, since they were changing their focus of the Brand, which resulted in many Event Photographs turning elsewhere for their machines.


After being told recently that my Kodak Machine should be in a museum in jest, it makes you wonder how other people may see my setup.


Since everything is about customer service these days and the Brand you put out there, then it is only right and proper that the links that make up your own company Brand is looked at with view to changing or improving.


The Kodak Brand, as served us well over the years, and considering they are built like a tank, getting them serviced or repaired may not be practical when you have event printers in the market-place, that are flawless in their operation, and unlike the Kodak machines they do not create issues at events, that means you have to trouble shoot to get the printer working again


The last time we had an event, the Kodak 6850 printers stopped printing 5 or 6 times not good, and it does not look good for your Company Brand if people are not prepared for you to troubleshoot the problem.


Over the years, it make me wonder how much money we have lost in trying to be loyal to the Kodak Brand, when we have had issues one after another, with our Kodak printers at events, that sadly does not carry the same Brand recognition it did when we started our journey into the Kodak Brand.




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