Some stories just need to be told....

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It’s interesting how it does not take long for some people of Interest to be forgotten, including family members by the next generation.  This is so different compared to those days long ago, when many people from various cultures would rely on preserving the family or community stories and history both good and bad, by means of sharing with every generation.


With the modern way of living today, known traditional ways of passing down information from one generation to another has been replaced.   Because most information we need to know these days can be found on the   internet.


Unless you know certain stories are out there, you will not go looking for them, or unless you have an interest in a certain subject matter regarding our families or community past, then again we will not go looking for them.


Recently I found myself watching the film with Mr Will Smith called Concussion.   The film was based on the life and experiences of Dr Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu.   A Nigerian Doctor who was a Nigerian Forensic Pathologist and Neuropathologist.


The film dealt with his experiences he had in fighting the American Football establishment, the NFL (National Football League). They went to a lot of trouble in trying to discredit Dr Bennet Omalu medical finding relating to the death of some American Football Players.


By trying to suppress his research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) or damage done to the brain, of professional football players due to the amount of physical head contacts or blows, for which there were many.  


When you think that American football is played from a very early age, Dr Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu research had the potential to affect the grass roots of the sport, including the financial investments in the sport, with sponsorship, jobs and stadiums.


The film got me thinking, that this Nigerian American Doctors journey and experiences in life, affected the safety of the American National Sport, American Football, which probably had a knock on affected on all contact sports around the world.  And yet not many people had heard of the name of this very humble and quiet spoken doctor, Dr Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu, until Mr Will Smith played this film role.


For me this was highlighted even more with an American social study I was watching via on Social media, when many people did not know who certain people in history were.  Such as past American Presidents, I remember not many people who were black, knew who Dr Martin Luther King or Malcom X was and what they did for the American civil right movements.


In conclusion, unless we share our personal stories or the stories of interest from individuals, with view to be encouraged or to motivate young people to be better at whatever they are doing, to be achievers in life, or to be the best they can be,  by learning from people of interest mistakes and success  stories in life. 


Then many stories of interest will just die with us, or be lost in time because no one was motivated to share stories like that of Dr Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu, with their families or communities, or just to put these stories out there so that they can be enjoy by everyone…


Imagine what other stories which are waiting to be told…

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