Should Image Makers Work for FREE

June 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So I was in a conversation recently about the lack of respect at the moment by some Event Organisers, including certain Individuals and Companies who just want everything for FREE or on the CHEAP…


In the end, they end up using some young Photographer or Videographer to deliver on Projects for them, and they soon realise that what they wanted is not what they got.


You see on YouTube very poorly shot video works that could have been done better if they had someone on board with a track record of delivering on assignment. You also see the website of some Charity Organisation as well as some Commercial Organisation with very poor embarrassing images on their website.


Considering the amount of Image Makers who have invested in self-development so that they can be the BEST They Can Be, as well as they have invested in equipment that only a Professional knows how to use, and yet they are being treated like they have No Self-Worth, because they do not value the creative ability of someone who has a body of work on his or her creative CV.


For me those who are working for FREE or on the CHEAP should remember that every job out there that you do has your name on it, and if you want to step up into mainstream, then  some young Image Makers in years or inexperience, whose  work will need to be improved upon, must make it happen, which will happen hopefully  in time as you grow anyway.


But the issue for me is not Young Image Makers because they are only doing what many of us did, when we were given an opportunity to step up, some of us did, and some are still evolving.


The argument to have a respectable portfolio or portfolio building as part of an Image Makers development will always be advisable since in so doing we are practising new ideas or techniques for the day when we can use the same skills in a paid situation.


However if a job after you have considered the bigger pictures will help you along in your creative journey, then who am I to say to you do not do it, since I have done the same in the past.


For me, the Main issue for me are those Event Organisers and Individuals or Companies who want things for FREE or at a REDUCED Price as well as saying “whatever we do for them will help with our Profile Building”.


Not many Professional People will do Pro Bono work unless they believe in a Cause or they can see the Bigger Picture.


For me to many Event Organisers have profited for too long, due to the Good Will, or Stupidity of some Image Makers, there comes a time when it has to stop, since our generosity does not pay bills or put food on the table, as well as to pay everyone’s Best friend the TAX MAN.


So one of the Sad Consequences for working for FREE or doing Special Deals, for Friends and Family, and even more so for Community Organisations.


Is that we Devalue our Skills and the Professionalism we have created for Ourselves and Business or Brand.


We also make it difficult for other Professional Photographers in the Marketplace who are not in a position to do work for FREE.


There are Community Organisations as well as many Individuals who can pay the going rate, but they chose not to because they know they can get the work done for FREE.


It’s time to STOP WORKING for FREE...



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