Wolverhampton Business Forum (Carvers)

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The Wolverhampton Business Forum came together for the first time to network at the newly re constructed Carvers Building Suppliers in Wolverhampton, which has been one of the longest established business in Wolverhampton and probably  one of a few  as a family owned Builders Merchant in the marketplace, it operates into today.


The story of the fire and its impact on a company that was born in 1896 can be read in the local Wolverhampton Express and Star Newspaper.


The evening started out with a welcome presentation from Mr Sam Sharma the current Chair of the Wolverhampton Business Forum. 


Mr Sharma was very passionate about local business having a greater voice in how decisions, are made that affects local business, as well as the economy of Wolverhampton. Since in recent years there has been a noticeable decline in business in the City Centre, which in turn affects the business remaining.



Mr Sharma was very clear when he said that, if the business of Wolverhampton wanted to survive, or be part of the process or the rebuilding Wolverhampton economy, then they had to start engaging more with the decision makers of Wolverhampton City Council, since many of them are just Politicians with no experience of Business. Otherwise Wolverhampton could become another ghost town.


Mr Doug D’Aubrey of Executive Training & Consultancy Ltd,  gave a presentation on marketing our business, under the heading “How to skyrocket your sales by making your marketing more effective, He gave examples on how different business can bounce off each other, as well as the important to know your market, and market to that market.


Mrs Christine Thomas from Christine Thomas Ltd, spoke about “Are your workers promoters or detractors?” by speaking about the importance of having the right people in your business and making sure, you encourage them to be happy in their work. It was Interesting when she said that the labour market could be choosey these days, who they work for, if they are aware, if a company is not good to work for.


One of the last presentation of the Evening was by Mr Henry Carver himself, he spoke about the sad impact a fire had on his family business that was standing and growing for over a 100 years. 


He spoke about the problems of maintaining the good will of staff that had no job to go to because of the fire, as well as their suppliers who they would need to come back to them, with supplies once they had rebuilt 2 acres of land that Carvers stood on.


This was done by maintaining payment to all creditors to the sum of 4 million pounds until their insurance company was able to settle their claim.


The planning of a re built Carvers, meant that they were able to use mainly Wolverhampton companies  to build a very modern builders merchant that would be a lot easier to shop at and quicker to obtain goods required, with their new drive through service.


Mr Henry Carver spoke about the importance of Carvers being part of the fabric of Wolverhampton since they have sponsored some noticeable charity events over the years such as Wolverhampton Marathon.


In his presentation he spoke about some notable franchises coming on board the New Carvers, which meant Carvers  was more attractive to shop at and affordable, compared to many of the national brands in the market place.


One of the new features of the shopping experience at the rebuilt Carvers was the new Carvers restaurant. Which we were all invited to experience, since Carvers provided much of the food and drinks on the night.


The food presented was excellent but to be honest some authentic Jerk Chicken would have complimented the spread of food put on.


Finally, please note that this blog is written as an independent observer, and that I have no relationship of influence with anyone attending this event...




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