I will always remember when my Mother retired from British Rail, and they had a retirement party for her along with a few other retiring at the same time from Wolverhampton.

My mother brought me a very basic camera that did the job, and ever since that tender age of 16 years of age my interest in photography was born until today.

Some of my highlights that I have really enjoyed, was being part of the 2006 Brit Awards Event Team and more recently being responsible for the Birth of The Image Makers Network, who were the Official Photographers to document the journey of the Jamaican and USA Track and Field Team including Jamaica 50th Celebration for Birmingham City Council Legacy Project 2012.

As a Location Photographers, we are available for Weddings and most Events Photograph assignments, which again has allowed me and my team to work for some interesting Families/Couples including many Charity Organisations, along with the Police and Local Authorities and many Corporate Organisations and Community Organisations.

Once I have that camera in my hand and I have captured A Moment In Time, I just love to see the expression on my clients faces of the work I have produced.

Images that In many cases will be part of many family and organisation legacy, with my name firmly associated with their story of event.

Image with Usain Bolt and my partner Angela was taken by Mr Rod Leon from London at the University of Birmingham Welcome Dinner to the City of Birmingham a few weeks before the 2012 Olympics.